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People often face tragedies, illnesses and challenges in life, and when they do, a community is there to rally around them and offer support. Family members and friends gather around with their foil-wrapped casseroles and good wishes. This kind of support can have a huge impact on a person’s ability to thrive in troubling times. And it is the kind of support that is often missing when the challenge is a diagnosis of mental illness.

For far too long, families have been blamed, shunned, and silenced as they struggle to come to grips with mental illness. Friends avert their eyes and fidget, and there are no casseroles. It’s time to change this. We know how hard you work to support and care for each other when one of your own is affected by mental illness and we think you deserve a casserole.

Consider this your community. It’s your opportunity to connect, find support, share your thoughts, learn about resources, and organize your friends and neighbours. You can celebrate the good times together and when things get tough, you might just get a casserole or two.


Ana Novakovic
Program and Development Coordinator
BC Schizophrenia Society
604-270-7841 (Extension: 205)

  1. Riada Roch 3 years ago

    I would like to ask anyone out there who has experience with a loved one with schizophrenia on clozapine when it stops working. My adult son, aged 36, has been put on clozapine as a last resort because all the other anti-psychotics he was on stopped working. However, clozapine seems no better. What have other people done when this happens? Thanks Riada

    • Jepsia 3 years ago

      Try EMP by TrueHope. I’m off all my mess and feel better than ever!

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