How to stay healthy in a bad environment

More and more people in the world pay attention to the state of the environment and its relationship with health. The state of nature that surrounds us, the air, the foods we eat, etc. are directly related to the processes occurring in the human body. Therefore, today, it’s time to remember how a person influenced nature, and nature on his health.

The impact of ecology and the environment on human health
The better the ecological situation – the stronger the physical health of the person. Also finding a nature helps improve the psycho-emotional state, enhances mood and reduces the manifestation of chronic diseases.

Children are most susceptible to the influence of natural factors: an unfavorable ecological situation makes them more susceptible to environmental illnesses than adults. Every day we breathe in a lot of harmful substances in the air, and toxic compounds get into our body through contact with the skin.

Poor ecology causes diseases of the eyes; toxic substances accumulate in tissues, bone tissue, lymph nodes, can cause spasms in the vocal cords, etc. The increase in the incidence of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and allergies are also associated with the deterioration of the ecological situation.

Also, bad ecology leads to diseases of internal organs, reduces the protective forces of the body, can lead to infertility, genetic changes. Against the backdrop of an unfavorable environmental situation, a person himself exacerbates the negative impact of the environment on health by his harmful habits. Smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food, constantly staying in ecologically polluted areas, stresses – all these factors lead to even greater health problems.

Despite the fact that industrial facilities are mainly located outside the city limits, the air in cities, especially large ones, did not become cleaner. The main air polluter in cities is cars, the number of which increases day by day. The enormous harm to health is caused not only by exhaust gases but also by the smallest particles of dust that are formed when tires rub against the asphalt. Such dust not only irritates the person’s airways, getting into the body by inhaling air but also is a carcinogen (cancer provoking factor).

Therefore, people who practice jogging on the streets with car traffic do not heal, but rather breathe harmful substances.
To reduce the level of concentration in the air of harmful components help trees, shrubs and other plants. Therefore, for life, it is better to choose accommodation near parks, squares or forest zone. In the same green areas, jogs, walks or sports should be organized.

Because of poor ecology, there are often problems with erection in men. Therefore, in addition to sports and a healthy lifestyle, experts recommend taking various medications such as Cialis or Viagra, which will help bring your sexual health back to normal.

Not everyone has the opportunity and desire to move to ecologically clean areas for living. And not everyone can afford to constantly leave to the sea, the mountains, etc. Therefore, try to visit the clean areas of your city more often, go out of town, spend time in parks, squares, walk in the forest.

Different air cleaners and humidifiers will help to make the air cleaner in the premises: also do not forget to ventilate the apartment or house for the night, and not at the height of the working day, especially if there is a motorway nearby. Say no to smoking and harmful products.

The diet should be dominated by the right foods and drinks: green tea, rose hips, fruits (apricots, citrus fruits, currants, grapes), vegetables (eggplant, broccoli, zucchini, greens), and not fatty, fried foods and various ketchup, sausages and other products containing carcinogens.


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