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    • Book Club
      This group is a place to share good books that have helped you through tough times. What books have comforted you, educated you, or made you laugh? What books would you recommend to a fellow caregiver, a recently affected family, or someone just looking to learn a little more about mental illness? Please share and discuss.
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    • Grief & Loss
      Many family members, who are often 24/7 caregivers to those who are severely and persistently mentally ill may feel as though their loved one has gone, left. Their personality may seem changed, their capacity to complete certain tasks or even talk about things that used to interest them may have changed. Other families may have experienced loss through the ill relative moving away, living on the street or being incarcerated. These are all forms of loss which trigger grief and the necessity for a healing path. Still other families grieve the loss of their loved one as a result of an accidental or intentional end of life. This group is intended to acknowledge and support the many forms of experiencing grief and loss.
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    • Useful Mobile Phone Advice
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