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Carinlink.ca was inspired by members of the BC Schizophrenia Society, who have felt isolated by the on-going struggle for mental illness to be seen as a true medical illness, worthy as a “casserole” crusade. When family, friends, workmates or neighbours experience a medical illness, they are often showered with wishes of a speedy recovery, offers of help, and an array of baked goods and casseroles. Unfortunately, the opposite often happens to those who are experiencing a mental (medical) illness, or caring for a beloved family member with a mental (medical) illness.

The Stigma of Mental Health

Stigma, which is ultimately caused by a lack of knowledge and fear, causes people to react differently to those experiencing a brain-based mental illness. Often we hear people say they have a friend experiencing “mental health issues”. Oddly, people don’t say they have a friend experiencing “breast lump issues”,  “heart issues” or “kidney issues”. They are free to say, without being shunned, that they have a friend with breast cancer, heart disease or kidney disease. These more socially acceptable medical illnesses reap the full benefits of the “casserole” crusade, while those who have been diagnosed with legitimate medical illnesses like depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, are left to their own struggle.

Solutions Through Caringlink Support

Our members are often left wondering, “how is it that people with dementia, heart disease or AIDS are given access to appropriate support and care while many of our friends and family either end up on the street, in a jail, or worse, in the morgue?” They are eager to tip the scales of social justice and caringlink.ca is just one of the many ways they are reaching out through forums; building support through personal blogs; changing minds through personal and public advocacy; supporting caringlink.ca as well as other programs and services through donations; and increasing literacy around mental illness as a legitimate brain-based illness.

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Everyone creating, using or visiting caringlink.ca invites you to: Learn, Share, and Care in a way that creates change.

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